New for Tech Leaders: The Tampa Bay CTO Guild

New for Tech Leaders: The Tampa Bay CTO Guild

The Tampa Bay CTO Guild is a close-knit community of technology leaders who gather in person to share experiences, discuss emerging technologies, and tackle common challenges. We support each other to overcome obstacles and achieve professional success.

Two years ago, I traded the Windy City for the sun-soaked shores of Tampa Bay, and I couldn't be happier. The Tampa area is not only an incredible place to live but also a thriving hub for technology and innovation. It feels like every week there's a new startup launching or an established company opening a new office in our little community.

However, recently it's felt like we're missing something: a informal group for tech leaders to collaborate and tackle challenges in a trusting, private setting.

Back in Chicago, we had a group aptly named "Chicago CTO Forum," founded by longtime CTO Griffin Caprio. We'd gather periodically after work for organic, in-depth discussions, the type of deep conversations you can only have with trusted peers. The meetings were super casual, usually hosted at a member's office, and fueled by pizza and a few beers courtesy of the host.  

I gained more wisdom about being an effective CTO through these humble meetings than I have from any other professional event or conference. And that's why I want to start the CTO Guild. My mission is to recreate the thriving, high-impact environment we built in Chicago, but in Tampa.

The amazing Marianne A. Kirkland shares my vision, so we're partnering to run the group and organize events. Many of you know Marianne from High Tech Connect events and her role as Global Director for WITI (Women in Technology International).

If you're a tech leader looking to connect, learn, and grow with fellow professionals, you can join us by completing the short form below.  We plan to have our first meet-up in mid-April, so register now.

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