Digital Hands' Pioneering Protection Brings Safety To The Cyberspace

Digital Hands' Pioneering Protection Brings Safety To The Cyberspace

Forward-thinking cybersecurity provider stays on the cutting edge of digital protection by getting ahead of every threat.

Digital Hands is a Managed Security Service Provider based in the Tampa Bay area. They partner with organizations of all sizes to maintain a culture of cyber security expertise and play an integral role in keeping the economy healthy via protecting their customers from cyber threats and to achieve and maintain compliance standards. Their security services prevent dangerous ransomware, phishing attempts, and bad actors from slowing businesses down.

Digital Hands is a highly adaptive organization that provides security services in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of security. With the motto of Get There First, the company prides itself on staying ahead of the curve and acting with urgency when it comes to keeping clients safe from threats.

“We protect businesses from the bad guys. We’re passionate about our mission of protecting our clients,” says Chief Customer Officer Charlotte Kibert.

Though cyber-threats have existed for decades, the nation has only recently started to take them seriously, as the threat of ransomware dramatically grew in the past two years. In 2021, monthly ransomware transactions were estimated at $102.3 million. Additionally, the Treasury Department reported $5.2 billion in ransomware BitCoin transactions.

This number is expected to climb in 2022.

“People are monetizing crime,” Kibert explains. “There are criminals on the phone right now talking about their monthly quota for ransomware.”

Ransomware criminals target everyone, including individuals and corporations. After stealing personal information or holding a network hostage, they scale the ransom to what targets can afford. Their demands can range anywhere from $500 to $500,000,000.

Kibert notes that over the last several decades, criminals have built a cyber-threat ecosystem that is largely supported by nation state actors. Some governments not only endorse this criminal activity but tax it like any other business as a growth industry in their countries.

The Identity Theft Resource Center reports hundreds of these cyber-attacks each year. Some experts estimate that in the next ten years, ransom attacks will occur once every two seconds.

The need for breakthrough cybersecurity thought leadership has never been more urgent. Digital Hands currently leads the way in designing solutions that protect clients before a threat can present itself.

Digital Hands, Best Places to Work 2022

An Escalating Arms Race

Digital Hands has built a reputation around getting there first, not just fast. The reality of cybersecurity is that fast isn’t good enough.

As measures of protection have improved, so has the ability to circumvent them using simple malware tool kits widely available cyber criminals. Kibert explains that all tech efficiencies are a double-edged sword that makes both sides more efficient.

“In the old days, someone could steal your privileged information and sell it, but they would have to spend the time and effort finding a buyer. Today, someone could lock up your computer and demand $1000, directly making money from the vicitm. Soon, criminals will leverage technology like machine learning to commit crimes even faster."

For example, consider the prevalence of phishing sites. Humans can only put up so many phishing sites in a day. It takes time and effort to figure out what works best when tricking people into sharing their privileged information.

Kibert believes that machine learning will soon learn to create dynamic phishing websites every few seconds. M.L. tech can learn to analyze which phishing techniques work best with lightning speed. Eventually, humans won't need to touch these systems for them to work with frightening efficiency.

“We’re going to see more machine learning driving the industry for good and for bad. The war is only starting to heat up more. It’s an escalating arms race” Kibert warns.

By 2025, reports suggest the world will have 55.6 billion internet-enabled devices. Without software engineering talent to protect these devices, each one of them is at an increased risk of attack.

Historically, government-led cyber regulations haven’t been enough to protect the nation’s digital infrastructure. Technology evolves faster than regulations can keep up. Yet, Kibert believes that federal mandates will soon force companies to do more to protect their networks. This is especially true when it comes to keeping privileged information safe.

“The government is starting to take cybersecurity seriously,” Kibert predicts. “They will start demanding companies do better, and Digital Hands will be here to offer the best protection, delivered at machine speed using our technologies such as our Maestro Security Fabric.”

A People-First Approach

Digital Hands is tasked with outsmarting and out-engineering international criminals to keep our economy safe. They’re constantly evolving threat intelligence with top-notch talent, and they’re hiring.

Ideal candidates are not only focused on the what of cybersecurity, but the how and the why. Digital Hands is looking for socially conscious programmers, engineers, and technology marketing professionals who have a passion for keeping people’s information safe. A stand-out candidate will bring genuine empathy for the people affected by cyber-threats.

“We’re looking for people who feel passionately that cybersecurity matters,” Kibert explains.

“Our ideal candidate is smart, innovative, and able to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Cybersecurity is like a game of cat and mouse because criminals are always figuring out something new.”

Digital Hands works closely with each client's team. This means that qualities like teamwork and collaboration are crucial for potential hires. The company also prioritizes talent that can think outside the box when it comes to creative solutions.

As an established company with a strong reputation for excellence, Digital Hands is a great place for emerging professionals to launch their careers.

“You get to work with a lot of smart people,” Kibert says. “It’s a great place to come in and learn.”

Kibert also acknowledges the company’s progressive approach to benefits and working conditions. Digital Hands has adapted to remote work to prioritize the safety of its employees.

“We see our employees as humans. We value our team members and believe they should be treated with dignity so they can do their jobs safely and successfully.”

Cybersecurity is ranked as one of the highest-paying fields in the technology industry. Positions like Information Security Managers and Cybersecurity Engineers can make upwards of $200,000 with only a few years of experience. Application Security Engineers and Cybersecurity Analysts can also expect to rake in six figures after the first few years in the industry.